Hey! It’s Jessie here. I’m so glad you found my place beneath the pines. I am wife to the Coach, mom to triplets, and a Jesus loving, Texas girl. It’s in this place beneath the pines that I’m figuring out how to be the new girl, how to love in spite of circumstances, how to process the hard things in life as well as celebrate the good times.

The Coach and I met the summer after I graduated from high school. When I was a little girl, there were three things I said I’d never do—never date a red head, never marry someone seven years older than me, and never date a guy named Robert. I guess God wrote all that down and handed it right back to me as silly as it was. And I’m so glad he did.


We live in Texas with our wrecking crew. This is them below. Look pretty innocent, huh?


Don’t let them fool you. They are a bunch of jokesters like their daddy.


And that was “pretend hospital” not the real thing. Yep, you will hear some wild tales around these parts from that crew up there. They are all pretty good at cranking out a story or two. And speaking of stories, that is one great reason you might want to come and hang out here—my Southerly Book Club kicks off this month and I’d love to have you tag along. Some books old and some books new, but hopefully you’ll find something that strikes your fancy.

Here’s what I’m passionate about: I love to teach women about the Lord. I love a full table of friends chatting over a platter of cheese and sweet tea. I love my country and our great state. I love the color orange and the falling leaves of fall, and friday night lights in Texas. I love the crack of the bat, and a good chick-flick. My favorite book of the Bible is Nehemiah, yet I’ve lived a little bit of Job’s life with my health. I’m a music junkie. I love Jesus and believe wholeheartedly that God is in the details—that He hears us when we pray and that there is power in His name. You’ll probably be able to find a little bit of everything on this blog, but most of all, I hope you find a lot of Jesus. My prayer is that the peace of Christ will be so strong that you’ll feel it right through your screen—from my place to yours. Thanks for stopping by, I sure hope you’ll stay awhile.