The ripped card had found its’ way from the refrigerator to the floor beside the trash can. I was collecting trash around the kitchen when I scooped it up and started to toss it in with the Cheetos, Gatorade bottles, and paper scraps– the left overs from at least 10 art projects the Artist, Engineer, and Preacher had created over the weekend. Just as the card was going in to join it’s other “friends,” I noticed these words…

A blessing for you as you move.”

As I move. I retrieved the card from the floor and realized this message was hidden, set aside, for such a day as this. We all have days don’t we? Days when we feel stuck, like our minds are far away from the tasks that lay before us. Everything about the last two weeks has felt disjointed. My writing hasn’t flowed, my brain has felt bombarded, and the days unproductive. I have needed a word from the Lord. A specific one. I remember last September cutting the birthday card in two and putting it on my refrigerator. After all, it displayed one of my favorite verses and a timely message on my 30th birthday:

“The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you…” Deuteronomy 31:8

I hoped turning 30 represented a new season, a season where sickness wouldn’t dictate my going out and coming in. For the past seven months this card has hung on my refrigerator and I never even realized there was an additional message on the back of it. Oh, how desperately I needed a word of encouragement in this week. Tonight, it was as if an angel had loosed it from its’ magnet and dropped this Heavenly message at my feet.

May the Lord go before you and prepare
the place where you are going.
May he fill your new home with peace
and this new chapter in your life with joy.
May He bring smiling faces to welcome you
and warm hearts to love you.
May He bless you always in the

new and special place He has for you.

Thank you Lord for always going before us, and for loving us enough to move us into new chapters. Thank you for hard seasons that make us strong and enable us to walk with confidence. I praise you for the smiling faces that wake me up each morning and the special place you have for my family. In Jesus name, amen.

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