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Is There an Ancient Mystery Linked to September 13, 2015

Some people are nervous. We are five days from September 13th. A friend of mine tried to buy some food the other day from one of those online food distributors and they told her how busy they had been with calls. Some places she called were out of any type of long-shelf-life food. The guy said, “All these people calling about September 13th and some weird “Sh” word…” Yeah, it’s probably not the word you’re thinking of.

“I believe we are close to a shaking of the ground in the next year, unlike anything I have seen in my lifetime. I am always wrong on timing, but we are approaching something.”

Have you heard people using words like tremor, shaking, earth-shattering in regards to our financial realm?  It’s almost like there was a reporters convention and they unanimously voted that Earthquake terminology was what the cool kids would use to describe our country.

September’s Book Club Selection

Maybe you aren’t a person of faith. Maybe you are. No matter where you fall, if you respect history…you should read my book club pick of the monthThe Mystery of the Shemitah—and you should read it this week.

Yep, “Shemitah” is the word.

The word that has millions of people, particularly American Christians, stirred up. So, what exactly is it? It’s a good question. The word Shemitah means a release, a fall, a collapse—that leads to a nullifcation according to the books author, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. The Shemitah occurs every seventh year, a sabbath year, and was meant to be a blessing for Israel, but can become a curse when not obeyed. Cahn believes that the Shemitah will cause a financial collapse of some sort in our nation. The Shemitah year, which began in 2014 will end next week on September 13th. Cahn mentions in the book that a Shemitah year doesn’t guarantee that something bad will happen, but the entire book looks at the history of America, and it is eery to see the history of the financial collapses in America and  their correlation to the timing of the Shemitah. Some possible scenarios that I’ve read about online, predicted from a wide variety of religious and business leaders, have included:

  • The collapse of the dollar
  • The physical shaking, through Earthquakes, of our nation
  • The removal of America as a world power
  • Famine (both spiritual and physical)

Cahn says that this mystery of sevens (every seven years), shows up in significant ways in our past. He believes that the Shemitah is not only the rise and fall of financial markets, but can be related to the rise and fall of nations. Some financial examples cited are that in 2001, seven percent of the stock market was wiped out and again in 2008, seven percent according to Cahn. The Rabbi says that you can count back to the day and even the hour in Shemitah years and you arrive at 9:00am on September 11th, 2001—the most devastating terrorist attack on U.S. Soil. Are these merely coincidences?

Cahn believes we are at a tipping point. He, among many other American Pastors have been continually calling for corporate prayer for our nation. God’s judgment always starts with His people. So, what do you think? Is the Shemitah a prophetic revelation given as a last warning for America to repent? Will America feel a tremor of some sort on September 13th? Let’s meet back together on September 14th to talk about what you read, and what happened (or didn’t happen). In this case, I sure pray that God, in his infinite mercy and grace, will pass us over. I just don’t know that He will.

Grab a copy of The Mystery of the Shemitah today, the Kindle copy is only $5.99. No time for a book? Grab the audio CD or the video The Mystery of the Shemitah Unlocked. I have read the book and watched the video and felt that the video truly helped me follow along; it made for a really good supplement to what I read. Thanks for buying through my links, each purchase helps me care for my family.



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