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We get all excited around here when the commercial for the Farmers Only matchmaking company comes on. My kids start singing the theme song in their already appropriate Texas twang and we all giggle a little.

“You don’t have to be lonely, at” (everybody join in)…

I love match-making. I always said that if agenting didn’t work out, I’d go ask Patty Sanger for a job. Don’t Hate. I don’t know what it is about connecting two people romantically that is so fun, but it is extremely rewarding to me. I have two marriages under my belt to date, working on my game-plan for match # 3 as we speak. 🙂

If you and your manuscript are eating TV dinners and staying home ALONE on Friday nights, then you are in luck. Since I love to match-make so much, I’ve even found you a writerly way to connect with the agent of your dreams. It’s a hashtag you are never going to forget:

#MSWL and it stands for Manuscript Wish List.

Genius whoever started it. Now, you can spend your Friday night’s scouring the wish list and match-making your writing project with prospective editors and agents. So, how would you go about pitching yourself once you’ve found yourself a match? I would say something like this:

“Hello @jessiefromTexas, sent you a query on my non-fiction project based on #MSWL preference for #foodbloggers. Thx 4 reviewing!”

That way you A) show them that you still know the proper way to send them your material B) connect with them on social media so they can shadow you. C) show them that you have done your research in even knowing about #MSWL in the first place. Once you’ve found some agents that you pair well with, feel free to keep going and write down a list of editors that might be currently looking for what you have written. You can turn that list right over to your new agent and I promise they will appreciate your research. Finding your perfect match is as much about timing as it is talent. So, quit living the single life, and go find yourself a match— the fabulous #MSWL awaits you.




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