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Thanks for all the social media love over the weekend! Y’all have effectively filled my agent cup. And thank you for all the messages of concern about the flooding in Texas.

1st—It’s raining cats and dogs down here.

2nd—My town is more or less on high ground.

3rd—My neighborhood is literally at the top of a hill, so we are completely safe from flooding.

The only bad thing going down at my place beneath the pines is this guy right here.

IMG_3699Romo has effectively stolen both a ribeye and a few sausage balls straight off my kitchen counter—twice—in one weekend. I have been laying down the law for him, but he doesn’t seem to care. Not only did he swipe some of the food I cooked out of the kitchen, but I went outside for a second and the wind swung the door open behind me, and surprise, surprise, bad Romo bolted out of the house like it was some sort of prison break.

He is so awkward, y’all I just can’t even explain the level of his pre-teen awkwardness. He frolicked like a lamb over to the neighbor’s house, turned circles on their front lawn, used their yard as his personal toilet, and then barked for 30 minutes at their dogs. He is as unruly as he is awkward. Then, he bolted down the street after a squirrel like some sort of wind-up toy. It was ridiculous.

Romo needs obedience training, or I’m gonna need counseling. 

Sigh. So with that said, let’s talk about agency rules. I hope you’ve learned that all agents function uniquely. Generally, we want to work with professional people, but our specific wants/needs can look very different. What I want you to know today is that it’s not just about “what” we want, it’s also about “how” we want to review your material. The best piece of advice I can give you is to spend some time reading the submission guidelines on each agency website. If an agency tells you “no attachments” for instance, this means they want you to copy/paste your query and sample chapters right into the body of an email. If you violate this specific submission rule, then the agent on the receiving end will trash what you’ve sent. Simple submission rules like this are common, and vary from agency to agency. If you can’t follow the rules from the beginning, an agent might doubt that you will listen down the road. And more importantly, attachments make our computers prone to viruses. And nobody’s getting reviewed if our computers crash.

Just follow, follow, follow, the specific guidelines that each agency sets. Whether you agree or disagree, it’s their choice as to how they want to review your material. And I promise, those rules are in place for a reason. So, please don’t pull a Romo, and simply follow the rules. When you follow specific submission rules, you can rest assured that your manuscript will receive a fair review from the agent you hope to snag.



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