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The reality for most agents, is that we’re extremely busy and we don’t have assistants to help us sift through our work. I can dole out many tasks, but nobody can review manuscripts for me. I can’t afford that, and honestly, I don’t trust anyone to do that type of work for me. So, I need you to be persistent with my inbox. No, I don’t want anyone to harass me, but if you are waiting on me, and I haven’t responded, please be persistent in reminding me that you are in my stack.

I hope that doesn’t anger anyone to hear that I need that kind of reminding, but I just do. If you will send me a “just checking in, I’ve submitted X manuscript to you” about every 60-90 days, then that is what I want. Agents have to be this way to publishers, and so these “kind reminders” are really a part of the business. I’m not offended by your checking in, it helps me to keep people in line mentally and helps me keep my calendar going. If you are looking for an agent, and specifically have been waiting a long time, don’t be afraid to be persistent and remind them of who you are and what you’ve submitted.




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