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I’m sitting behind my computer, sweet tea glass filled to the brim, Fixer Upper playing quietly on the TV. And I’m scouting writers. I go to the Declare Conference site and I check out the list of speakers. So many awesome speakers. Four have representation, too bad for me. But, behold…I hop through a few places and am delighted to find some gems. I find one talented gal and hop to her blog, then I see her “BLOGS I LOVE” list and I fall down Alice’s rabbit hole—clicking through blogger lives at lightning speed. Before long I’ve been scouting for hours, I’ve sucked my sweet tea dry, effectively wired my body so that I won’t sleep until 3am, and I’ve watched not one, but five, Fixer-Upper re-runs.

I’m camped on a great blog and I’m wondering two things: When in the world is the new season of Fixer Upper coming on, and should I contact this gem of a writer? I have no clue about Fixer Upper, but I decide to shoot this blogger an email. I’m interested. She’s an awesome writer. And she loves essential oils and says things like ‘y’all’ and I’m feeling all Anne of Green Gables about her.

So, I click Contact Me.

And she has a form.

Oh bother. Forms…I so hate forms. I need her email address. But she doesn’t have one, and did I mention that I hate forms? I decide that I will have to greatly dislike the form, but fill it out anyway, and then I see all the required fields.

Are you contacting her for a Speaking engagement? Well, uh no. 

What church do you go to? Umm…my mother told me not to talk to strangers?

In 100 words, please best describe the event you want to book her at? Shoot. 

And then I’m gone. I can’t fill out her form. And she won’t give me her email. And I know why she does this, but it’s not helping her cause in getting an agent. Maybe she doesn’t want an agent. Maybe she’s never even considered writing a book. But, I know this: we will never know. Because I am blocked. Her form is restrictive. And she didn’t list her email. And it’s very possible, that she is on the phone right then pouring her heart out to her writing partner about how disappointed she is that she can’t get an agent. She can’t get an agent, because I can’t get an email, and we are two ships passing in the publishing night and now we all need more sweet tea and more cowbell.

Please “fixer upper” your email.

Please list it above your contact form. Please let me know when Fixer Upper is coming back on so I can DVR it and tell my husband things like, “You look like Chip, it’s so weird that there are two of you in this world. These things are important.




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