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I just got back from Allume. Did you go? I had a great time meeting with editors and prospective clients. And Greenville was awesome as well. So, today I’m keeping it short and sweet. How long is too long to wait to tell an agent yes if they’ve offered you a contract? I’ll tell you this: sometimes I’ve waited on people for years after we’ve discussed their project, and the door was still open to them when they returned. When I said I wanted to represent them, I meant it. And so, I didn’t care that it took them a year to get their ducks in a row. However, there have been times, when I’ve gone to a conference to fill 1 or 2 spots only. If I offer someone a spot and they delay or don’t seem too interested, then I’ll fill it with my third choice. The reality is that agents often have a certain number of holes to fill, and once they do, the door closes for a season. And sometimes that door closes forever.

Think about this. If I’m dying to have a Southern foodie on my list, I find four at a conference. I pick my favorite, offer them representation, and then they tell me they need a few months to decide, I might not have a few months. I’ll also think that they are probably talking with other agents, or at least aren’t entirely convinced that I’m the agent for them. So, naturally, I’ll give them some time and eventually move on to choice number two. So, if you “really” want to snag an agent, and the agent you want has offered to work with you, try to tell them yes in a timely manner or the offer might get pulled off the table.

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