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If you’ve never heard of Nicole Deese, you have no excuse now. I remember the day fondly when Nicole was giving me the “future client eye” while I was answering questions on an agent panel at a conference. Nicole was sitting in the last seat on the main aisle and happened to be right in my line of sight. Every time I would answer a question, I’d see Nicole nodding and casting her “sign Nicole” vibes my direction. She had also been hanging around some of my clients, so each time I said hey to one of them, there was Nicole. In a completely non-creepy way, Nicole was everywhere. Nodding. Hanging. Sending her vibes.

Eventually, Nicole’s appointment time was here. And when she sat down, I was amazed at her track record. Her Letting Go Series had been in the hands of over 100,000 readers. And the covers were awesome. And she had written three books in 9 months. And the reviews were off the charts. Nicole had self-published very, very well.

I love people who self-publish well. Those who self-publish well are usually amazing marketers, hard workers, and have a keen sense of detail and creative vision. I love these types of writers. I love being friends with them and I love signing them. Self-publishing can be disastrous for some people. I have very strict rules about when I would advise someone to take this path, and when I would tell them to stay very far away. But, when you self-publish well, you are appealing to me. What I’m not interested in is the book you’ve already self-published. What I am interested in, is you and your next big book idea.




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