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This rule probably applies generally to other agents, but very specifically to me. I sign people in spurts. And these signing sprees usually occur during conference weeks and the two weeks following a conference. So, you could set your watch by my signing tendencies.

I’m not saying this is the only time I sign people, I’m saying that if you look back over four years, then most of the clients I have signed have happened very near to these mini windows of time. If I’m looking to sign 2 or 3 new people, then I will often hold off on the queries in my inbox and compare them to the people I meet face-to-face at the conference I’m going to.

On average I go to 6-8 conferences a year, which means that every 60-90 days I head out to a writer’s conference. In between, I’m doing paperwork and all kinds of things for my existing clients. But, when I gear up for a conference, I get into signing mode.

I evaluate my list and see if I have any room for new clients, and look at what those holes look like. We don’t sign competing projects, so I evaluate my list for what projects I’m interested in representing and what I “don’t have.” If you are searching for an agent, you might talk with some of their clients. Do they do this too? Maybe it’s just me. Either way, pay attention to signing windows if you want a better chance at snagging an agent.




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