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I have between 40 and 50 clients. I would say that over half of the people I’ve signed came to me by referral from an existing client. This is my method of choice for signing.

Our agency is a boutique agency and we do lots of hands on mentoring with clients. So, we function much like a family. I mentioned, “teams” in a previous blog post, and this team mentality affects how I sign authors, particularly on the fiction side. When three of my clients “adopt” someone that doesn’t have an agent into their critique circle, it often makes sense that I sign them. I’m still not going to sign someone until they are ready, but I love to sign from referrals. I want my existing clients to get along as a team.

This isn’t a requirement, but you can see the natural correlation to synergy. If I sign someone who doesn’t get along with anyone else, then naturally they probably won’t get along with me either. And of course, if an author gets along with a group of my writers, and also has a unique story that is worth representing, then there is a good chance I will sign them. For sure, I will investigate the possibility of working with them if they are interested.

If you are looking for an agent, the best place to start is with your published friends. Who are they represented by? What do they think of their agent? Have they had a good experience or a bad one? If they talk highly of their agent, then ask them for a referral. You don’t need someone else to ping an agent’s email with your proposal, but if you want to jump the line—ask for a referral and you just might get what you want.




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