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I represent fiction and non-fiction. And I’m thoroughly entertained by some fiction writers. I’ve had several fiction writers tell me they “have dinner” with their characters. They know their characters inside and out. They know their protagonists’ favorite color and favorite food. They know what jaded their antagonist fifteen years earlier to set him on his path of destruction. They know exactly the reason why their heroine will run away from the guy she loves three times before finally returning and falling into his arms.

They know their characters.

It’s hard to write a good story if your characters are still strangers to you.  You have to build your cast of characters accordingly and then spend time thinking through who they are. It’s not easy. And if you’re writing memoir and You are the main character, you have to do the work to understand yourself. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Ask any memoir writer about the hell they walk through to re-tell their life story; it’s never too pretty. When a writer sits down to pitch and they can dialogue with me for an hour about their characters, then I know they probably have the chops to be a successful writer.




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