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So we meet at a conference. And you bring me a cupcake. And I smile big. And I side-hug you for your kindness. And you have twins and I have triplets. And we both speak Texan and like fringe. And your sister knew my sister in college, and the stars align.

But, then we quit the small talk and get down to business.

And you aren’t finished. You don’t have a proposal. Or sample chapters. Or a full manuscript if you’re writing fiction.

You aren’t finished.

Therefore I can’t sign you. I’ve told you before that I’m very much okay with these types of meetings, as long as you know that the meeting won’t end in us working together…yet. There are sometimes exceptions to this: if someone has their book finished, but doesn’t know how to do a proposal, then I’ll sign them and give them a copy of our in-house proposal so they can work on it. But, you have to be finished enough for us to work with you. Otherwise, when I wipe the icing off my face, and we exchange business cards, it will be because now, we’re just friends. In order to get an agent, you need to be finished. If there’s nothing for us to represent, then it isn’t time to sign on the dotted line.




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