We’ve all done it. We’ve picked up books, flipped through their pages, and said to ourselves, “I could’ve written that.” And that might be true. There are millions of books that could’ve been authored by a number of writers and it wouldn’t have mattered. But, then there are books that we read and we know that what we just read could have NEVER been written by anyone else. The author’s profession, personality, life circumstances, and imagination come together in such a way that nobody could have written what they wrote

So tell me this: What will you write that will set you apart from all the other pitches sitting in an agent’s inbox? What story can you tell that nobody else can tell? And if your story is similar to lots of other writers, how can you frame your ordinary story to make it extraordinary?

I had a phone consult with Anna two years ago. Anna and I talked by phone per a referral from someone that met me at Declare conference and went to church with her. Anna listened to my advice, and got busy working on her story, hired a writing coach, and came back a year later, and I signed her. I’m currently pitching Anna to publishing houses.

Do you know why I signed Anna? Anna’s story absolutely cannot be told by anyone but her. Anna is one of 50 children fathered by a notorious, polygamist. She escaped this violent, polygamist cult at age 13 after fleeing with her family from Denver to Mexico to Houston.

I don’t know about you…but I can’t write that story.

And there might be a handful of people world-wide that could write anything close to it.

When you sit down to frame your story, consider the way you frame it. Make sure it’s unique. Use other books as a framework for yours, but don’t steal their angle. That angle has already been taken and is already in print. Do you have a story that only you can tell? Have you come up with a way to take an old concept or teaching and transformed it into something new and interesting? If you said yes to either of these, then you just might have what it takes to snag an agent.




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