Did you know that you can secure endorsements from other published writers even before you get an agent? One of the first questions I ask writers is which published writers would endorse their work? Endorsements come in several shapes and sizes:

  • A general endorsement about your writing.
  • A character endorsement about you.
  • A specific endorsement concerning your current WIP

The main reason that an agent would care about endorsements on the front end is because endorsements increase our chances of selling your manuscript. If I am able to tell a publisher that a writer has an endorsement from John Grisham, then a publisher is going to more carefully consider buying your manuscript.

These days, an endorsement usually means that an author is willing to leverage their social media on your behalf. Simply put: they will tell their fans to go buy your book, and become a fan of your work. As an agent, I know how important it is for other authors to introduce their audiences to their author friends. As a reader, I follow all of my favorite authors on social media, and I usually run out and go buy what they tell me to. With all that said, it never hurts to show up at an agent appointment with a list of three to five authors who you believe would help spread the word about the amazing book you’ve written.




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