So, you’ve written a book, and you need an agent. Do you know that I’ve signed several clients, because I first saw an article they had written? My client, Matt Moore, is one example of this. I was buying a plane ticket one day, minding my own plane ticket business, and in my right side bar an ad popped up from the Christian Post. It happened to be the day that his conversion story was running on their website. It detailed his unique testimony which included: a gay bar, dancing, God’s voice, and the story was incredibly touching and unique. My first thought was, “sweet mother, that is some testimony,” and my next one was, “Hmmm…I wonder if he is working on a book?” I stopped what I was doing, googled him, found his email, and sent him a message. We conversed through email and then I set a preliminary screening call to get to know him better. I like to talk with people by phone, especially if I am not able to speak to them face-to-face (which is what I prefer). It turns out, I was right on time. Someone had just mentioned to him that he should write a book, and so he’d been pondering the idea right about the time I messaged him.

When you write articles for magazines, or other online news outlets, it brings you exposure and grows your readership. There are several perks to article writing besides the possibility of snagging an agent: the process of article writing will make you a more concise writer, you will expand your territory and grow your platform, you establish credibility as an authority in your field, and you accumulate writing credits which matter to publishers down the road. Agents are constantly browsing other blogs and media outlets for their next big client. When we read small snippets of your story, it just might give us a bigger vision for what a book from you could look like. You might write for other people for free, but sometimes they will even pay you for your work. You never know when that “free” article will turn into a large paycheck down the road, because you wrote an article that caught an agent’s attention.




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