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Will you join me for a time of prayer for the families and friends of the victims in today’s horrific shooting in Oregon? So many lives lost, and I am just sick over this. I saw President Obama making his case shortly after the news reports were confirmed. It’s a “gun control issue” as usual—and we need stricter laws. He is so predictable. Might I suggest something to anyone that continually points to gun violence as the most important issue affecting our nation? Mentally ill people don’t obey gun laws. Radical Islamic terrorists don’t obey gun laws. Murderers and thieves don’t care about laws period. You can write gun law legislation as high as the ceiling and it won’t matter. President Obama said it himself today, the people who do this sort of thing are not right in their minds. Exactly. This isn’t a gun control issue.

A run for our guns simply hurts the people who do abide by the rules. He knows this too. He is steadily destroying our country through political correctness and his steady stream of executive orders. He said that mass shootings like the one in Oregon today are an “American problem”. And maybe I’ll give him that. Where there is freedom, there will always be these types of incidents. They are horrible and sad and life-altering, and nobody wants to live through a Columbine, or a Denver theatre shooting, or now an Oregon college shooting rampage. But, we have these awful events in our country, because we are FREE here—because we have the freedom to move about, the freedom to buy guns, and we have personal privacy. And I hate it, hate it, that there are people who within the solitude of their homes, plot sinister events, and their mental illness grows. And at some point, this mental illness turns to mania.

When people abuse their American freedoms, very bad things happen in our country. But, would you rather live under a dictatorship like the Chinese  and North Korean governments? Or how about be oppressed under the sinister rule of Putin? We see how honest he is. You can ban guns on campuses and in shopping malls, but do you think the person that sets out to mass murder people gives a rip about the sign posted in the window? Do you think they care that it’s technically illegal for them to have a gun? Do you think the millions of people on drugs in our country pay attention to the fact that drugs are illegal? Or the person that drives drunk and gets behind the wheel and kills an innocent mom and her kids cares about the law they are breaking? No. No. And no. We are a selfish society, with horrible problems. But, we are free. And in spite of the darkness, and the bad choices, there is goodness in this part of the world because of those same freedoms that some people abuse. And we should, as American citizens, have the freedom to defend ourselves against all the people who intentionally and methodically break the rules and plot to harm us.

Today, a 20-year-old man looked fellow students in the eye and demanded they declare their religion. And if they said Christianity, he shot them square in the head.

We don’t have a gun problem in this country.

We have a mental illness problem.

We are self-centered.

And we have a growing cancer of intolerance of people of the Christian faith.

Our religious freedoms are in trouble. We have an administration that time and time again turns their back on Christians in our country and overseas.A young man killed people today. He killed Christians—Christians that mind their business, go to school, pay their taxes, obey the rules, and sit in a quiet pew every Sunday morning and worship their God. That is my pew. Those are my people. #yesImaChristian And we, Christians in America, don’t ask anything of those of you who don’t agree with us. We don’t force you to experience the freedom in Christ that we have and the love of a God that graciously can wipe every tear from your eye. We worship in our tiny churches, and we pour out our time and our love in towns and cities so that we can be the hands and feet of Christ in a dark and hurting world. We are not perfect, we mess up, but we are redeemed.

Even if you don’t share in my faith, you should share in my desire to see your rights and my rights upheld by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of our country. Because, if we continue to not care that our freedoms are being slowly whittled down, then one day we will look and they will be gone altogether. If someone can persecute a Christian in your town, then they will eventually steal the freedom that matters to you too. You will look back and remember when you didn’t care because you weren’t a Christian and it didn’t apply to you. And then, it will be too late.

Will you please stand for freedom in this country? Will you open your eyes to the slow evaporation of our freedoms? Will you please vote for someone in the next election that cares about religious freedom and doesn’t oppress a group for the benefit of another? And may those shot and killed today rest in the peace of the God they loved and stood for until their last breath.


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