I run my fingers over the keyboard seeking inspiration. It wanes. Some days the words seem stuck and I trip over my own need to connect with God the way I desperately want others to connect with Him.

God’s been showing me that when I can’t plug in to Him like I want, it’s usually because I’ve put some kind of rule on myself. Rules that He hasn’t even put on me. These rules are impenetrable walls of concrete. They erect themselves between me and grace. They are a impassable chasms that keep His mercy from entering in. They keep us under the law when we are under grace.

 Is anyone else like this? The pharisees were this way. The Son of God walked among them and yet they missed Him because of their rules. Their rules would lead them down a path of death. Too smart to live. Too foolish to recognize. Too bound by their rules to receive salvation. Could it be possible that the God of the universe is teaching me to break the rules?
Jesus was a rule-breaker. He dined with tax collectors, healed people on the Sabbath, talked with prostitutes, and broke societal norms.

And they killed Him for it.

I’m learning to break the rules a little more each day. And by the grace of God, this kind of rule-breaking is making me look more like Christ.

Will you break the rules with me today?

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